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From rental karts to winning races, we bring experience and expertise to the karting world

Praga Racing Karts

Years of experience with racing karts got us some real speed. Our racing programme goes all the way from go-kart racing school and junior racing to some of the top karting championships. With our competition karts, your own team can shine as well. Recently, we also added a line of rental go-karts which allow kart centres to offer true racing experience rather than just ordinary bumper karts. Kart with Praga, kart with the best!

Best racing experience for senior, junior, shifter and DD2 categories.

The top product for young drivers.

The Kart that starts your career.

Entry level kart with high performance.

Technology that wins on every track

Fuelled by years of experience and the latest technology, Praga karts are the right tool to achieve success in any race, on any track.

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Since 1907 we have designed, developed and produced racing cars, road cars,
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